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Iraq Energy Forum 2018 Post Event [Report]


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Marking the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Iraq Energy Institute (IEI), the 2018 Iraq Energy Forum (IEF) brought together a wide array of distinguished participants who ranged from policy and decision makers in the Republic of Iraq to company executives, renowned experts, analysts covering multiple sectors and the country focused researchers.

IEF 2018 took place in a triumphant Baghdad that celebrated a hard-earned victory against terrorism giving speakers the opportunity not to simply reflect upon the important role the energy sector had played in Iraq’s overall progress since 2003 but to look ahead at the country’s potential in the global energy market. Also, the political economy challenges faced in its pathway towards diversification and prosperous economic development.

The IEF 2018 Strategic Policy Report brings analysis and recommendations from the rich dialogue and informative presentations by the forum participants during the two-day sessions. This report provides insights into developments in the oil and gas sector and the promising role renewable energy can play in expanding Iraq’s power sector capacity. Additionally, reflects on the necessity of advancing the financial system, continuing regulatory reform and further improving the legal environment. For 2019 and beyond, this report acts as a review of Iraq’s strategic challenges and future opportunities.

We are indebted to the forum participants, partners, and sponsors. Hoping to see you all in the upcoming IEF 2019.