Formed in January 2008 (United Kingdom), Iraq Energy Institute (IEI) is an independent non-profit policy institute which aims to provide a professional platform to streamline efforts, to put theory into practice, and to synthesise proposed solutions to meet the policy, fiscal, technical, and political challenges that are currently impeding the progress of development in Iraq’s energy sector.

Our objective is to rationalise the discourses on Iraqi energy policies in a professional manner to produce useful and actionable policy recommendations for the optimum development of Iraq’s energy sector, and in turn, for the benefit of the Iraqi people. We also aim to act as a reliable source of information and research on Iraq energy policy for both policy-makers and the private sector and to educate the public at large on all energy issues relevant to Iraq.

IEI is made up of leading Iraqi and international experts in the energy sectors drawn from a variety of fields including industry professionals, finance and banking executives, Iraqi and multinational corporations, academics and scholars, and consultants and policy advisers.

IEI provides four broad categories of services:

  • Information Services
  • Research & Development
  • Training & Capacity Building
  • Consultancy Services

IEI prides itself upon providing its clients with high quality impartial information, advice and guidance services. As founders, facilitators and organisers of the Iraq Energy Forum we aim to bring together annually the Iraqi Parliament, Government, NOCs, IOCs, Service Providers, Investors, and all the stakeholders who matter most in the development of Iraq’s energy value chain.

Since January 2009, IEI has been acting as official advisor to the Federal Parliament of Iraq on Energy Policy and Economic Reform. Furthermore, our services are available both in Iraq and worldwide. Our headquarters is currently in London with offices in Erbil and Baghdad. As a non- profit organisation we can provide impartial information, advice and guidance aiming to support the optimum development of Iraq’s energy sector for the benefit of the Iraqi people.