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Our Sixth flagship event returns to bring policy makers, government officials, experts, and investors together to discuss energy opportunities and strategies in Iraq, the region and the world.

18-20 June 2022

Press Release

In cooperation with

The Government of Iraq
Covid-19 Restrictions 

International delegates will not be allowed to get aboard any plane to Baghdad without presenting a covid vaccine certificate.


About Conference

Held in cooperation with the Iraqi government represented by key energy and economic ministries, and with the full support of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Iraq Energy Institute’s 6th flagship Iraq Energy Forum (IEF 2022) returns on 18-20 June 2022 at the American University of Iraq – Baghdad (AUIB) in Baghdad. This includes a full open day focused on education, women empowerment, and Iraq’s private sector role in supporting community and social responsibility.  

As the world grapples with the effects of conflict in Europe, attention now, more than ever, is re-focused on energy security. An almost complete collapse of energy dialogue between suppliers and consumers is adding to the mounting challenges.

The theme of IEF 2022 will be “The Middle East as The Cornerstone of Global Energy Security.” With nations competing for every drop of oil and molecule of natural gas, the Middle East is a petroleum endowed region at crossroads; it must balance between continued investment in fossil fuels and its own sustainability and net-zero targets. For the first time, it also finds itself not at the centre of global concern for security and geopolitical risks which may help spur opportunities as it seeks leadership in providing affordable and clean fuels like hydrogen and renewable electricity.

IEF 2022 will discuss this and other themes, including:

  1. The Middle East’s Moment: Realising the Gifts from the Energy Transition
  2. Prospering At Economic Uncertainty: the Need for Regional Integration
  3. Resources to Human Energy: Turning Iraq’s Natural Resources To Human Capital
  4. Women & Youth Empowerment: Harvesting a Force Multiplier
  5. Private Sector & Community: The Overlooked Social Net

Conference Schedule

Day-1: 18th June 2022

08:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:15 National Anthem & IEF Co-Host Welcome Speech

Dr. Michael Mulnix, AUIB President
Prof. Gareth Stansfield, IEI President

09:45 Keynote Speakers

H.E. Ali Allawi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, OPEC Secretary General
H.E. Greg LoGerfo, Chargé d\’affaires, The U.S. Embassy

10:45 Iraq Energy Award Ceremony Presentation 
11:00 Plenary Session-1: Global Energy Security & Pursuit of Stable Markets

  • A discussion of recent energy markets trends
  • The new emerging understanding of energy security and OPEC’s role
  • Where do speakers see the oil and gas markets heading?
  • How will OPEC’s “Declaration of Cooperation” adapt to ever more volatile oil markets?
  • Where does Iraq see itself in these challenging energy dynamics?


  • Speaker 1: Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, OPEC Secretary General
  • Speaker 2: Ali Allawi, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance
  • Speaker 3: Sara Akbar, Chairperson & CEO of OiLSERV JV
  • Speaker 4: Adnan al-Janabi, Former Minister and IEI Board Vice-Chairman
  • Moderator: Dr. Asmaa Yaseen, OPEC Research

12:15 Networking Coffee Break
12:30 Plenary Session-2: Iraq’s Plans for Maximum Oil & Gas Production & Utilization 

  • Iraq’s 2030 Plans for Oil & Gas Production
  • When can Iraq achieve zero flaring?
  • When will Iraq refining capacity meets local demand to end imports of byproducts?
  • Prospect of cooperation between the federal government and the Kurdistan’s region


  • Speaker 1: Karim Hattab, Deputy Minister of Oil
  • Speaker 2: Dr. Muhammad al-Aboudi, Director General, Ministry of Oil
  • Speaker 3: Dr. Hussain al-Chalabi, Petrochemical & Downstream Expert
  • Speaker 4: Dr. Luay al-Khatteeb, Distinguished Fellow, Columbia University
  • Moderator: Lizzie Porter, Iraq Oil Report

14:00 Luncheon & Networking
15:00 Plenary Session-3: Morphing Petroleum Investment to Opportunities for Energy Transition

  • The state of oil and gas investments in Iraq, the region, and the world.
  • The diverging roles of IOCs and NOCs: where does Iraq stand?
  • Can we clean up the fossil fuel industry? A discussion of technologies and projects.
  • The emergence of the integrated energy companies.


  • Speaker 1: Zaid Elyaseri, BP Iraq
  • Speaker 2: Abdullah Al-Qadi, Crescent Petroleum
  • Speaker 3: Ali Al Janabi, Shell Iraq
  • Speaker 4: Wisam S. Al Husseini, Gilgamish
  • Moderator: Lizzie Porter, Iraq Oil Report

Day-2: 19th June 2022

08:30 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:15 Keynote Speeches

  • H.E. Adil Karim, Minister of Electricity
  • H.E. Dr. Jasim Al Falahi, Minister of Environment
  • H.E. Suha al-Najjar, Chairwoman, The National Investment Commission
  • H.E. Ville Varjola, Ambassador of the European Union to Iraq
  • H.E. Dr. Ala’a al Sa’idi, Chairman of the Economic Reform Committee

10:15 Plenary Session-5: Powering Iraq: IPPs & Multinationals Working For Every Megawatt

  • A discussion of power sector projects, announcements, and targets
  • Where do State Owned & IPPs stand today as contributors to Iraq’s power needs?
  • Renewable energy plans and regional electricity interconnection
  • Power Sector Reform: Institutional, Economic and Commercial Requirements


  • Speaker-1: Yahya Abbas, Director General, Ministry of Electricity
  • Speaker-2: Hassan Heshmat, Managing Director of Hydro-C
  • Speaker-3: Salim Chalabi, CEO, Trade Bank of Iraq
  • Speaker-4: Rasheed al-Janabi, GE Iraq
  • Moderator: Harry Istepanian, IEI Senior Fellow

11:30 Networking Coffee Break
12:00 Plenary Session-6: Environment, Water Management and Sustainability

  • Debating climate change challenges and commitment to Paris Agreement
  • Iraq’s options on lowering carbon emission
  • How can Iraq overcomes water scarcity issues while fighting desertification?
  • Exploring avenues of cooperation between Iraq, Iran and Turkey on water securit


  • Speaker 1: Dr. Hasan al-Janabi, Former Minister Water Resources
  • Speaker 2: Montadhar Tarik Najem, Al-Baidar Center for Studies and Planning
  • Speaker 3: Prof. Frank Gunter, Lehigh University
  • Speaker 4: Ahmed Tabaqchali, Senior Fellow at IRIS
  • Moderator: Ashleigh Whelan, Resident Program Director at IRI

13:30 Luncheon Networking
14:30 Plenary Session-7: The Role of Women in Shaping Iraqi Business, Politics and Policies

  • Speaker 1: MP Sarwa Abdul Wahid, Member of Parliament, Iraq
  • Speaker 2: Hadeel Hasan, HHP Law 
  • Speaker 3: Dr. Marsin al-Shammary, Research Fellow, Middle East Initiative
  • Speaker 4: Dr. Asma Yaseen, OPEC
  • Moderator: Dr. Luay al-Khatteeb, Distinguished Fellow, Columbia University

16:30  IEF’s Closing Remarks


Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

Secretary General
Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

Ali Allawi

Iraq Deputy Prime Minister
& Finance Minister 

Gareth Stansfield

Honorary President of Iraq Energy Institute

Adnan al-Janabi

Former Minister and IEI Board Vice-Chairman

Adel Karim

Iraq Electricity Minister

Michael W. Mulnix

President of the American University of Iraq – Baghdad 

Wisam Al Husseini

CEO for Gilgamesh Oilfield Services

Ali Al Janabi

Shell Iraq & UAE VP

Sara Akbar

Chairperson & CEO of OiLSERV JV

Dr. Luay al-Khatteeb

Distinguished Fellow, Columbia University

Zaid Elyaseri

President, BP Iraq

Abdullah Al-Qadi

Executive Director, Crescent Petroleum 

Dr. Hasan al-Janabi

Former Minister Water Resources, Iraq

Dr. Jasim al-Falahi

Deputy Minister of Environment, Iraq

Suha Al-Najjar

Chairwoman, National Investment Commission – Iraq

Rasheed al-Janabi

President, GE Iraq 

Prof. Frank Gunter

Senior Fellow, Lehigh University 

Hadeel Hasan


Dr. Ala’a al Sa’idi

Chairman of the Economic Reform Committee

Hassan Heshmat 

Managing Director of Hydro-C

Salim Chalabi

CEO, Trade Bank of Iraq

Dr. Hussain al-Chalabi

Petrochemical & Downstream Expert

Dr. Muhammad al-Aboudi

Director General, Ministry of Oil 

Ville Varjola

Ambassador of the European Union to Iraq

Dr. Marsin al-Shammary

Research Fellow, Middle East Initiative

MP Sarwa Abdul Wahid

Member of Parliament, Iraq

Asmaa Yaseen

Strategic Analyst, OPEC 

Montadhar Tarik Najem

Al-Baidar Center for Studies and Planning

Karim Hattab

Deputy Minister of Oil

Ashleigh Whelan

Resident Program Director at IRI

Ahmed Tabaqchali

Senior Fellow at the Institute of Regional and International Studies (IRIS)

Lizzie Porter

Senior Correspondent chez Iraq Oil Report

Harry Istepanian

PMP certified, independent Chartered Engineer (CEng.)

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