[Recording] Business & Strategic Issues on Fossil and Renewables in the Middle East


Iraq Energy Institue partnered with The Global Diwan in Paris on a webinar that covered business and strategic issues on fossil fuel development in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean region. Below is a video recording of the webinar proceedings:


  • Mona Sukkarieh. Co-Founder, Middle East Perspectives – Beirut
  • Alexandre Kateb. Founder, Multipolarity Report – Paris
  • Amro Heikal. Petroleum Industry Expert, Kuwait Oil Company – Kuwait City
  • Yesar Al-Maleki. Managing Director, Iraq Energy Institute – Baghdad

Date & Duration

19 November 2020

11 AM Paris
14 PM Baghdad
12 AM London



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Disclaimer: This event is not organised by Iraq Energy Institute but by another party. Iraq Energy Institute is not associated with the event, organisers, speakers, or any other persons pertaining this event. Views expressed during this event do not represent those of Iraq Energy Institute.