How the Iraqi private sector can lead the way to a successful future?


Private Sector Development and Employment Promotion project by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (English: German Corporation for International Cooperation) is organising a conference titled “Building economic resilience in post-Corona Iraq” on 25 and 26 of August.

300 participants will join the conference, including the German ambassador, Iraqi government officials, political partners, business unions, associations, private sector representatives, researchers and international donors. The conference aims to encourage constructive public dialogue on economic topics, especially the role of the private sector in overcoming the current crisis and necessary economic reforms. Also, promoting economic research and support networking between relevant local and international stakeholders.

In support of the conference, Iraq Energy Institute (IEI) is inviting those interested in attending to register using the links below. In particular, the plenary session titled “Low oil prices – a chance for diversification” where the impact of COVID-19 on global oil prices, Iraqi government finances and prospects of economic diversification will be discussed.

Session Details


  • Andrew Bauer (Natural Resource Governance Institute – NRGI)
  • Ali Al Saffar (International Energy Agency – IEA)
  • Falah Al-Amery (Former advisor to Iraq’s Ministry of Oil)
  • Robin Mills (University of Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy – CGEP)

Moderated by Yesar Al-Maleki (Iraq Energy Institute – IEI)

Date & Time:

August 25th 2020

5 PM Baghdad
4 PM Berlin
3 PM London

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Disclaimer: This event is not organised by Iraq Energy Institute but by another party. Iraq Energy Institute is not associated with the event, organisers, speakers, or any other persons pertaining this event. Views expressed during this event do not represent those of Iraq Energy Institute.