IEI Presents on Gas Flaring & Utilisation Situation in Iraq to ESCWA

Mr. Yesar Al-Maleki (Managing Director – Iraq) during discussions of the 2nd GEFF ESCWA meeting in Amman. (Copyright: Iraq Energy Institute)

As part of our role as a major stakeholder in the energy industry of Iraq, the Iraq Energy Institute (IEI) represented by Mr. Yesar Al-Maleki (Managing Director – Iraq).

The Expert Group on Fossil Fuels (GEFF) was formed as a sub-committee of the Committee on Energy (CoE) upon the recommendation by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), a United Nations (UN) organisation. The GEFF is tasked with helping member states of ESCWA to formulate sustainable energy policies and strategies. It acts as a multistakeholder forum for exchanging ideas and information on; the promotion of clean and sustainable energy production, a greater role for natural gas, carbon management, technology transfer and innovation, in addition to unifying action for climate change mitigation.

Mr. Al-Maleki presented results of latest IEI research and analysis on the situation of gas flaring and utilisation in the Republic of Iraq. His overview included a historical look back at the beginnings of gas capturing projects within the associated gas fields of the first and second bid rounds oilfields and those expected from third and fourth bid rounds non associated gas fields. His presentation also showed IEI’s forecasts for future investments needs for the expansion of gas infrastructure in Iraq and the need for a comprehensive policy on gas-to-power and gas export streams. His presentation can be downloaded from the link at the end of this article.

Iraq Energy Institute (IEI) welcomes the opportunity of further cooperation with ESCWA and looks forward to contributing to future meetings and publications.