4th Iraq Energy Forum in Baghdad on 28th & 29th March 2018


4th IEF Theme: Towards Energy Investment & Regional Cooperation

On March 28th-29th 2018, Baghdad will host the fourth Iraq Energy Forum in the Royal Tulip al-Rasheed Hotel. Held under the patronage of the Iraqi Government, the event brings together an exclusive line up of policy makers, government officials, industry leaders, investors, experts, diplomats and company executives. The theme of the forum will be regional cooperation as Baghdad re-aligns its relations with neighbours, a strategy that promises to transform the Middle East.

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of Iraq Energy Institute, IEF 2018 will be a historic event: following the liberation of Mosul, Iraq is now the most successful front in the global struggle against terror and Baghdad is enjoying a level of security that it has not known since 2003.

More importantly, Iraq is following this victory with a concerted effort to make trade the basis of cooperation in the Middle East. High level Iraqi delegations are now a frequent sight in regional capitals, and the most high profile meetings have been between Baghdad and Riyadh. Rapprochement will not only bring stability, it will also bring new investment and energy cooperation, turning Iraq into a force for peace.

Iraq’s borders with Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have reopened and new energy cooperation is on the horizon with Turkey, involving federal government oil and gas pipelines and developing commercial trade. In the case of the KSA, cooperation on petrochemical mega projects, power-generation, infrastructure, reconstruction and the revival of pipeline export routes, are all on the table. Baghdad is also building on existing relations with Kuwait and Iran.

All of the new possibilities around these developments will be explored at the conference, with the aim of finding strategies that will benefit all of Iraq’s partners, as much as the Iraqi people.

In addition to regional cooperation, this year’s theme will cover the assessment of the government’s monetary, fiscal, and legal policies, in addition to reviewing Iraq’s approach towards institutional and financial reform and improvements in the energy sector. These challenges are of course not unique to Iraq and the discussion of these topics will be done in the context of looking at regional long term plans.

The first day of the forum will introduce key speakers to focus on different issues from evolving government policies, visions and exploring potential investments between Iraq and regional partners. The second day of the forum will consist of key personalities speaking on energy business value chain development, mega project finance and Public/Private sectors partnership. There will be workshops as well as opportunities for networking, so people can meet with the various delegates attending the event.

For anyone with an interest in Iraq’s energy sector, current and future petroleum development and the future of the Middle East, this is an event not to be missed.

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