IEI Signs a Memorandum of Scientific Research Cooperation with Baghdad University


In the institutions competent professional inside and outside Iraq for the exchange of experiences and the introduction of modern science in the oil and gas, comes the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Baghdad and Iraq Institute for Energy, based in (London / UK) to activate joint cooperation in the fields of science, knowledge and openness to global institutions involved.

This memorandum has been signed on 29 April / 2012 by Dr. Maha Raouf Abdulamir, Head of petroleum engineering representative of Prof. Dr. Qasim Mohammad dows, Dean of the college of Engineering, and Mr.. Louay Al- Khateb, Executive Director of the Iraq Energy Institute.

The signing ceremony of the memorandum was attended by a number of the staff of the department, among them: Prof. Dr. Akram al-Hiti, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jawad, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Alsnibil, Dr. Samira Mohamed Hamad , Dr. Hussein Ali Baker , Dr. Nada Al-Zubaidi and assistant Lecturer Mohammed Mohi.

The MOU includes the following sections:

  1. Openness and scientific coordination.
  2. Training and development of the efficiency of teachers and researchers in addition to the basic training of students as a target.
  3. Scientific research and contribution to the development laboratories.
  4. Conferences, seminars and joint seminars.
  5. E-learning.
  6. Organizational matters.

Professor Dr. Qasim Mohammed Dows, Dean of the Engineering College expressed his support for this step, saying: with great pleasure that has been achieved Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Petroleum Engineering / Faculty of Engineering and the of Iraq energy Institute and that will represent the beginning of fruitful cooperation between the two parties in order to raise the level of science and education and to serve the needs of the country at the moment in order to achieve a quantum leap in the efficiency of professors and alumni that are in the rapid development of oil and gas industry using partner with experience locally and internationally and we hope the success of this MOU.

on an interview with the Head of Department Dr. Maha Raouf said: that the memorandum of understanding signed represent a turn of a real relationship of the department with the Iraq Energy Institute and as the paragraphs of the agreement were formulated in a technical career reflects the vision of the real needs of the current phase experienced by the oil industry where it came from this memorandum in support of the role of department of petroleum engineering.

Originally published by the University of Baghdad, here.