4th Bidding Round Block Evaluation [Book]


A study of over 50 pages of detailed analysis of important information within and nearby each block of the Bid Round-4 is available for purchase from Iraq Energy Institute. The data input includes: 1- Data revealed in the Road Show of 11th June 2011 2- IPC and INOC Data from neighbouring ™elds and wells 3- Other information and studies 4- Geological data on related structural elements from a detailed study on Iraq The ™nal output is a credit index (PCI) with comments on ™eld development in case of discovery, transportation and utilization This Priority Credit Index is a measure of the level of exploration expectation that helps to choose which block(s) to bid for. The author, Dr Thamir Uqaili, has more than 40 year experience in the upstream oil sector including 30 years in Iraq were he held senior technical management posts during 1963-1993. He has been closely involved in following the four bidding rounds in Iraq and has authored many studies and articles concerning Iraq’s oil activities since 1993. The price of the study is GBP 6000 for one user. Additional advice can be arranged by agreement with the author.

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Dr Uqaili graduated from the Imperial College with PhD in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering in 1974 and BSc (Hons.) in Oil Technology in 1962. In 1970, he got his MSc in Water Resources Technology from University of Birmingham.
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