Zubair is a substantial oil field in the southeast of Iraq, around 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Basrah.  The field exists in structural traps in an anticline that runs roughly north-northwest to south-southeast.

There are four domes to the Zubair field, from the northwest these are the Al-Hamar, Shuaiba, Rafidyah and Safwan domes.  Safwan, the most southern dome, extends beyond Iraq’s border and into Kuwait, where it is known as the Abdalli field.  There are three reservoirs that have been appraised and produced from, and are available for further development.  These are the Mishrif Formation, and the Upper and Lower units of the Zubair Formation (also known locally as the Third and Fourth Pay, respectively).

There are hydrocarbon shows and strong potential in several other reservoir intervals. However, these have not yet been appraised and so are not included in any current plans for future development.

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