Republic of Iraq
Iraqi Council of Representatives
Speaker's Office

No. m.t. / 1226
Date: 18/9/2012

Mr. Luay Al Khateeb
Executive Director, Iraq Energy Institute

Re: Iraq Energy Conference

Greetings from the Council of Representatives,

We are pleased to have received your letter dated 22/7/2012 on holding your conference under the title "Iraq Energy Forum" on 12/12/2012. We hereby confirm the Speaker's welcoming and support of the holding of this conference at Al-Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad. In you capacity as an Accredited Advisor to the Parliamentary Committee on Oil, Energy and Natural Resources, the Speaker (HE Usama Al-Nujayfi) is pleased to actively participate in the conference.

Best wishes and regards.

Monadel Tawfiq Saeed
General Manager
The Speaker's Office