Dr. Thamir Al Uqaili
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Dr Uqaili graduated from the Imperial College with PhD in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering in 1974 and BSc (Hons.) in Oil Technology in 1962. In 1970, he got his MSc in Water Resources Technology from University of Birmingham. 

In 1963, he joined Iraq Petroleum Company and later Basra Petroleum Company. He spent over 6 years working in Well Testing, Production and Reservoir Engineering before he left Iraq to do his postgraduate studies. In 1974/1975 he worked as Senior Reservoir Engineer with ECL Consultant LTD in London.

He returned to Iraq in May 1975 to work for Iraq National Oil Company as Head of Petroleum Engineering Department in Basra. He was then appointed Field's Manager of NOC (Kirkuk- Iraq) in 1978 then General Manager of the Central Petroleum Organisation from 1980 to 1983. In 1983, he was General Manager of Planning Department in the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad until 1986 when he joined SCOP, the State Company of Oil Projects, as a Technical Advisor.

During the years 1988-1990, he worked as Chief Engineer in charge of follow up of major Petrochemical and Fertilizers Projects in the Ministry of Industry. In June 1990, he founded Iraq Drilling Company and was appointed its first General Manager. In August 1992, he left Iraq to work in Yemen, then Libya (Area Reservoir Engineer) and later in Spain (Nov 1997- Dec 1999) as Area Reservoir Co-ordinator with Repsol Exploration SA.

During his professional career, he supervised different aspects of Oil and Industrial Research and studies and was a member of several bilateral Joint Committees representing Ministry of Oil (1980-1986). He is the author of a book in Water Injection (1990) in addition to many Technical Papers.

He worked as Independent Consultant in Exploration and Field Development during early 2001 - June 03. In July 03 he joined Baker Hughes as Business Development Manager for Iraq, then Business Development Manager - ME of Kuwait Energy, a private E&P Company during March 06- Mar 07. Dr Uqaili is the principal author of a detailed study (Hydrocarbon Exploration & Field Development in Iraq), published by CGES in London in November 07 and is being updated regularly.

Dr Uqaili has been actively involved in promoting business opportunities in Iraq. He is a Senior Associate of the CGES.