Shamkhi Faraj
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More than 33 years experience in the oil industry, including 6 years working with OPEC Secretariat in Vienna working as head of the Economics Department. During his time in the Ministry of Oil, Shamkhi occupied various jobs and positions ranging from fresh graduate researcher to high ranking posts including the Director General and CEO of the State Oil Marketing Organization well known as SOMO and the Director General in charge of Economics & Oil Marketing Affairs in the ministry of oil headquarters as well as Iraq Governor and national representative in the OPEC organization. 

In 2007 and after retirement, Shamkhi established his own oil consultancy office in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. the country where he is working and living now. 

Throughout the period, Shamkhi gained an extensive experience in executive and research management in various oil establishments and had lead many research teams as well as having wide experience in conducting negotiations with international bodies and multinational oil companies. 

He also acquired good experience in working with high level government officials and executives and has the ability to lead teams and retain high quality work levels. 

Shamkhi was graduated from UK Universities, and hold a BSc Honors degree in Economics (The city University, London 1973), and a Master of Science degree in Operational Research (University of Sussex, 1976).