Nisar Talabany
Former Senior Advisor to KRG Prime Minister
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Nisar Talabany was a Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government for over ten years; she was also founder and Head of the Office of Governance and Integrity – Kurdistan Regional Government / Iraq. Nisar began her career with the KRG in 2005 as the Director of Communications for the KRG-UK representative office, and in 2006 she returned to Kurdistan to help establish the KRG's Department of Foreign Relations and was appointed as the Assistant Director.

Nisar has a Master in Pharmacy from the University of Brighton, UK, and an MA in Diplomacy & International Studies from SOAS, University of London. Her main area of focus is good governance, transparency in the oil and gas sector, health management, and economic and social reforms. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and Kurdish. 

Before her career with the KRG, Nisar was a qualified Pharmacist in the UK, with an interest in public health management.