Musab Alkateeb
Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Iraq
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Mr. Alkateeb has extensive experience as an adviser to the Government of Iraq, a manager of a senior public sector technical assistance programs and more recently a senior manager of multinational companies.   He serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Siemens AG in Iraq.

From the beginning of Mr. Alkateeb journey in Iraq which began in 2003, he has been advancing Iraq’s economic priorities, having been involved in several assignments with USAID, DFID UK, and the US Treasury.   More recently, Mr. Alkateeb has been engaged in furthering Iraq strategic aims in the electricity sector with Siemens and previously with Honeywell in the oil and gas sector.

Other assignments in Iraq included advisory roles at the Ministries of Trade, Defense, and Finance.

Mr. Alkateeb holds a BA in Communication from George Mason University (Virginia, USA) and an MBA from the London Business School (UK). 

 He is Iraqi-American and fluent in Arabic and English.