Ali Al-Assam
Co-founder of the Iraq Welfare organisation
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Ali Al-Assam was born in Baghdad in 1950, and graduated from Cardiff University in 1972 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  He obtained an MSc in Applied Nuclear Physics and a PhD in Magnetic Domains. In1979 he started 4 years' research work at Imperial College, London on the construction of optical fibre switching devices.

As co-founder and Director of Development, in Diwan-Science and Information Technology Limited, between 1982-1995, he pioneered the Arabic localisation of the Apple II and other micro-computers. He also conceived various media management products such as Al-Nashir Al-Sahafi, NewsNet, PictureNet and MAPS, creating the Arab desktop publishing revolution in 1984 in alliance with Apple Inc.

Ali founded KnowledgeView Ltd in 1995 to concentrate on the development of Web-based news management systems, acquired by ppi Media GmbH in 2017, becoming senior vice president for ppi Media.

Ali Al-Assam is a co-founder of the Iraq Welfare organisation (IWO) a non-profit organization registered in the U.K. Mushtarek مشترك is a project of IWO, a social network group ideation platform. It is based on the premise that the open sharing of information, ideas, and opinions have the power to change our societies for the better.