The Missan area is located in the southeast of Iraq, close to the border with Iran, and contains both producing and undeveloped fields. The largest town in the region is Amara, some 50 kilometers to the southwest of the main oil producing area.

The terrain in the area is variable but is mainly flat semi-arid to arid conditions with slight increasing elevation from Amara to Abu Ghirab, approximately 150m above sea level.

There are three fields included in this area: Buzurgan, Abu Ghirab and Fauqi. The first oil production from the area began in 1976 (from the Buzurgan and Abu Ghirab fields), however production was suspended in 1980 because of the Iraq–Iran war, and did not restart until 1998.

The formations are mainly carbonate, though some mixed carbonate/sandstone formations are also seen.

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