Author:  H.E. Adnan al Janabi

H.E. Adnan al Janabi

Chairman of Oil & Energy Committee

The Federal Council of Representatives

The Republish of Iraq


2nd Iraq Energy Forum, 18th May 2014

Le Méridien Hotel, Amman, Jordan

Iraq Energy Institute (IEI)



Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


It gives me great pleasure to speak at the 2nd Iraq Energy Forum here in Amman.


And on behalf of the Iraqi official delegations, I would like to sincerely thank the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the cordial welcome, kind hospitality and support for Iraq


I would also like to thank Iraq Energy Institute for inviting me here again to speak at their 2nd forum and to Clarion Events Middle East for helping to organize this event. As well as to all sponsors that supported this Forum.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Back in 2012, the Energy Forum addressed key matters closely linked to policies, laws and production challenges – this debate, although continued to be a priority as an unfinished business, but this year’s theme of institutional sustainability and capacity building are equally important as training and progressive development which will require all possible instruments to sustain the mammoth mission in Iraq – rebuilding the Energy Sector to International standards.


Such efforts, will undoubtedly lead to positive institutional reform, and directly contribute to state building and constructive national energy policies at federal and regional level.


Since 2008, Iraq Energy Institute has played a vital role in supporting the Federal Parliament as Advisor on Energy Policies and Economic development. It helped Members of Parliament to better understand the energy sector from a policy aspect. However, the mission of capacity building needs to extend to all Iraqi institutions, and for this I invite all multinationals to replicate this experience to support Iraq’s public sector on policy issues to adopt International best practices.


Now that the General Elections is behind us, Iraq is moving forward to elect a new Federal Government. The new government will need to address the unfinished business of the incumbent administration to help delivering the laws and institutions including the Revenue Sharing law, Oil & Gas law and the reinstitution of Iraq National Oil Company as an independent entity and accordingly to restructure the Ministry of Oil.


The new administration will also need to address:


1- The energy security requirement for the country to address the Zero-Flaring policy by utilizing gas for power generations and industries as well as developing the refining capacity to its maximum,


2- Developing integrated marketing policy to reach out to major international markets and potential territories,


3- And of course, expedite the development of export corridor to diversify Iraq’s outlets. The Iraq/Jordan cooperation to export oil to Europe via Aqaba is an example of diversifying such outlets coupled with an integrated marketing approach, which will be a significant milestone that will ensure energy securities to consumers and producers,


4- Private sector contributions to maximize the development of the energy business value chain,


Finally, I hope that the next energy forum will be back in Iraq and hopefully in Basra to continue the constructive debate on policy matters and supporting investment for a prosperous Iraq and a better tomorrow.


I wish all participants in this forum a successful event and contributions to develop Iraq’s future energy sector requirement and priorities.


Thank you.