IEI Launches Task Force on the Future of Iraq’s Water Resources

Iraq Energy Institute (IEI) has formed a Task Force on the Future of Iraq’s Water Resources. The initiative was a result of a workshop entitled “Towards Sustainable Water Resources Management in Iraq” that was held in partnership with Al-Kindi Society of Engineers at The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (London), on the 30th June 2018.

The Task Force comprises Iraqi experts from around the world covering the water-energy nexus. Throughout the initiative, the Task Force will conduct technical and economic assessments in Iraq and will consult with local, regional and international policymakers. Their work will focus on assessing the current situation of water scarcity in Iraq and proposing policy recommendations to the Iraqi government through a preliminary report, to be produced in August 2018. Follow up work will be administered by the IEI Task Force in close cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources, the Prime Minister Advisory Commission of Iraq and relevant institutions.


The Task Force is to focus on:

1- Iraq’s National Water Resources Strategy

2- Iraq's Integrated Water Resources Plan

3- Short, mid and long term policy measures to manage demand

4- Alternative water resources

5- Environmental policy and climate change impact

6- International law, policies and legal frameworks

7- Regional cooperation on the water, energy and trade nexus

8- The role of technology, engineering and the economy in water resources management


The initial Task Force members include the following academics and practitioners:

Dr. Luay al-Khatteeb, Executive Director of Iraq Energy Institute

Dr. Azzam Alwash, Chief Executive Officer of Nature Iraq

Dr. Kifah Khudair, University of Basrah

Prof. Nadhir al-Ansari, Luleå University of Technology

Prof. Qusay al-Suhail, Baghdad University

Prof. Mustafa al-Shawi, University of Salford Manchester

Prof. Rafid al-Khaddar, Liverpool John Moores University

Mr. Harry Istepanian, Senior Fellow, Iraq Energy Institute

Mr. Adnan al-Janabi, President, Iraq Center for Research & Studies

Mr. Aun Dhiab, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Water Resources in Iraq


Editorial Board:

Mr. Robert Tollast, Research Fellow

Mr. Yesar Mustafa, Research Fellow

Dr. Zeyad Abdon, Research Fellow


For further information, please contact Iraq Energy Institute on