Coal Conversion Calculator

Short Tons Btu


Metric Tons
1 Short Ton = 20,754,000 Btu

Electricity Conversion Calculator

KilowattHours Btu Megajoules Million Calories
1 KilowattHour = 3,412 Btu

Natural Gas Conversion Calculator

Cubic Feet Btu Megajoules Cubic Meters
1 terajoule = 1,000,000 megajoules

Crude Oil Conversion Calculator

Barrels Btu Megajoules

Metric * Tons

1 Barrel = 42 U.S. gallons = 5,800,000 Btu
*note: This is the average number of metric tons per barrel of crude oil used in the U.S. The actual number
of metric tons per barrel will be different for different types of crude oil. Think of it like a glass of syrup
weighing more than the same sized of soda.

Gasoline Conversion Calculator

Gallons Btu MegaJoules Metric Tons

1 Gallon = 124,000 Btu (rounded to nearest 1000)

Diesel & Heating Oil Conversion Calculator

Gallons Btu Megajoules Metric Tons

        1 Gallon = 139,000 Btu (rounded to nearest 1000)